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Battle of Port Gamble 2007

Photos from Rick Stamp of the  Mosbys!

forming up.jpg (952917 bytes)  front into line.jpg (919648 bytes)  inline.jpg (866158 bytes)  into the fight.jpg (1376972 bytes)  riderless cav.jpg (1002439 bytes)  sunset ride 2.jpg (679289 bytes)

 sunset ride.jpg (1101846 bytes)      battle view.jpg (951154 bytes)  cav on the wings.jpg (987638 bytes)  dead cav.jpg (560530 bytes)  dismounted with cav support.jpg (1035724 bytes)  

Photos Complements of Bryan Peterson

Trooper Trotten down 2.jpg (88621 bytes)  Trooper Trotten down.jpg (107928 bytes)

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